Hard times and books

January 18, 2006

Dealing with death and heartache right now. Spazzed out at several people in the days between this post and last post and had a general bad time of things. But of course, that is of little interest to anyone who might accidentally read this.

Grr . . . I swore a long time ago to myself to never write anything that I would not like to read if it was written by another, yet that seems to be all I can produce! Am I just naturally inclined to be boring? Perhaps, yes!

I have not had much time to get out and enjoy myself this semester, which I vow that I will do next semester. English class! That will be a dream. I might actually have enough time to read James Joyce’s Ulysses and John Milton’s Paradise Lost and Dante’s (I can never remember how to spell his last name) Divine Comedy and all the other dead trees that have been rotting on my shelf. In the meantime, I have some silly things by Samuel Beckett to keep me amused. I read Waiting for Godot for a few nights after I finished my homework. That book took me a grand total of four hours to finish! Wow! I think I should do the same thing with Endgame, which is about the same length, but unlike Godot, Endgame has only one act and I get pissy when I have to stop in the middle and not at the end of a chapter/act and I don’t have the four consecutive hours to put aside to reading it.

I think I just wrote something that would be interesting to someone out there! But I am not sure.

A list of movies that I have been intending to see but I still have not seen:

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Akira

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